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How to Navigate the Bearded Dragon Obsession Group on FaceBook
By Debbie Shannon.

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So I am very new to groups on Facebook and I was having some issues, thought more people would have the same so I created this info/how-to. Hope it helps someone.

The first thing that I was doing that complicated my life is that I was just looking on MY news feed on Facebook rather than coming to the group itself. So make sure you are on the group site of Bearded Dragon Obsession to be able to take full advantage of everything in the group.

The picture above is what you see when you are on the group site. The picture changes every week but the items below that are always there.

1- Discussion: if you are on another 'page' of this site and want to get back to all the posts, click this.

2- Members: when you go on this 'page' you will see ALL the members but you have the option of choosing the groups Admins. ALL Admins are listed there so you can easily search them out for any issue ;)

3- Events: I haven't seen anything there but I am sure that it will be used eventually (I am new to the group). For example contests or the daily events ;)

4- Photos: you want to see some photos? There are more than you can imagine

5- Files: this is where you will find information for your bearded dragon. There is a nutrition chart. Looking for a vet in your State, Province, etc. you'll find it here. (if you don't see one for your area but know of a good one please feel free to message an Admin and it will be added). Looking to buy something for your bearded dragon, there is a list here of approved breeders, sales/advertisers. Want to know about lighting? Yup there is a chart there for that too. Is your bearded dragon ill? There is a quick diagnosis chart. That is just to name a few. Most important group file there is the group RULES. Not sure if something you want to ask or write about is ok? Freshen up on the rules.

6- "Search the group": Best to use one word for the best result. As an example, you want to know how to cut your bearded dragon's nails. Type in "nails" (without the quotes) and hit search. You WILL find what you are looking for but it is possible that you will have to scroll a bit.

7- Every Facebook group has this section. It is not necessary to choose between all the items listed. You can simply start writing under the "write post". It is basically the same as your own Facebook page and works the same. You can add a picture to the group photo section by clicking the "Add Photo/Video" or to your post by clicking the camera.

8- Add People to Group: BDO is a closed group and members have to be approved. Even if you want to add someone you know, the person will have to be approved before they can join.

9- Pinned Post: The first post on this group are the group's rules. Only Admins can pin a post. Each member must read, like and agree to the rules.

From there, unless an Admin makes another "Pinned Post" you have the group. There are over 10,000 members now and it moves quickly. After 1 month of being in the group I am just getting a handle on it. Maybe some people could give their 'tricks' on how they follow the group but here is my way. On the group site I will scroll through the messages until I come across older messages that I have already seen. Then I refresh the page and start all over again. If there is a post that I wanted to see new messages and I can't find it I would use the search at the top of the page. If you are following a certain post (I will cover that under #10) and someone replies, you will get a little pop up on the bottom left of your screen to let you know. If you left click the pop up it will bring you to the post and you will lose where you were. If you right click the pop up you have the choice of opening it in a new tab or window.

10-The gray triangle: If you click on that little triangle you have 3 options.

"Turn on/off notifications"; if you 'Like' or reply to a post you are then following that post. Let's say you simply click 'Like' on a picture, every time someone replies to that post you will get a notification (possibly an email as well) and sometimes that can be annoying. If you don't want to be notified then "Turn off notifications". Likewise if you see something that interests you but you don't want to 'Like' or reply to it, you can "Turn on notification".

"Report to Admin" There is an URGENT post. Choose this option and every Admin will be advised. Keep in mind that there may not be an Admin around so please use this only as a last recourse.

"Report/Mark as Spam"; given that this is a closed group you will not need to use this.

As it has been mentioned there are over 10,000 members and right now 10 Admins. That makes roughly 1,000 members per each Admin. I see roughly 200 posts per day. I work 5 days per week, have somewhat of a life with my Hubby and our bearded dragon, you get the picture. Same for the Admins, it is impossible for them to see everything. We all joined this group for the love of our Bearded Dragons, to help one another where possible and to have fun. Please take some responsibility in helping the Admins to make this the best place to go to.
There is a way for every member to help. If while reading the posts you see someone asking a question or looking for help and it had been an hour or you are way down in the posts, please feel free to write bump and post it, even if you can't help. Doing just that simple thing IS helping. That brings that question up to the top of the group and gives it a chance of being answered. See something urgent tag an Admin.

How do you tag an Admin?
Personally I have friended every Admin on this group. Not because I want to know/see their life but rather that I can see if any of them are online and then have the possibility of tagging them. To tag them simply means that you write their name in the comment section of the post and post it. I haven't found a way of doing so without having friending them first. Another way of doing this is by simply writing "someone please tag an Admin". That brings the post to the top and then anyone who can tag an Admin will do so.

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