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Welcome to my UVB test site.
Here I will test a few UVB lights I have and report the results, this is intended on helping people better understand how these UVB lights work and how they are affected by distance and obstructions. The main goal is to keep our Bearded Dragons happy and healthy

To view the testing procedures, please watch the video below, there is a 1 minute and 30 second part where I show the results sheet, this info will be available on this website in a cleaner and easier to read format using tables. The video length is a little over 7 minutes.
Testing is done with a SolarMeter 6.2 which tests the strength of UVB (Microwatt per cubic centimeter) and is the best meter (reasonably priced) suited for reptile UVB lights, I used a testing distance from 24 to 3 inches in 3 inch increments from surface of bulb to top of the meter.
Each bulb gets a minimum of 5 minutes of warm up time before testing begins to make sure their UVB output is consistent.

The webpage URL listed in the video is the old location of this webpage, it is now part of

Click the light bulb to go to the appropriate test

UVB Test - Zoo Med T5HO Reptisun 10.0

UVB Test - Zoo Med T8 Reptisun 10.0

UVB Test - Exo Terra SolarGlo MVB

UVB Test - Zoo Med Powersun MVB

UVB Test - National Geographic MVB

UVB Test - Arcadia T8 10% tube

Special thanks go to BDO (Bearded Dragon Obsession group on Facebook)
for helping Debbie and I gain the knowledge to look after our Bearded Dragon. :)

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