BDO's Lay Bin How To
by Cameo Hall

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There's a few signs that dragons show to let you know they need to lay eggs. They're pretty easy to notice because your dragon's behavior will change. Here are the signs;

1. Your dragon's appetite will first increase and they will be very eager to eat and then out of nowhere she will completely stop eating or appetite will decrease a lot.

2. Your dragon will become restless and extra fat. They won't want to be picked up and will continuously be glass surfing (running back and forth along the glass). Also frantically searching around the cage and digging for a place to lay. At this point in time you need to get your lay bin made immediately. Not doing so could put your dragon at risk of becoming egg bound, which could result in death from an egg bursting or needing a expensive surgery done to remove the eggs.

Here's what you will need to make your lay bin:

1. 30 gallon Rubbermaid tub.

2. 1 to 2 50lb bags of children's playground sand from Lowe's or other hardware stores. ($5 per bag) You will need to make the sand at least 6 inches deep.

Wet the sand to the consistency you can make sand castles with, but not watery. The dragon will need to be able to dig a tunnel without the tunnel collapsing on her. I like to start the tunnel for them so that it's less work for her.

Laying process

Dragons can lay fertile
or infertile eggs.
If your dragon was bred then you can expect them to lay eggs within 2-4 weeks.

Make sure to up their calcium and protein intake during this time.

If the dragon wasn't bred watch for the signs stated above (# 1 and 2 at the top of the page).

Dragons can take about a week before they lay their eggs. They will want to feel comfortable with the place they're laying. I have one dragon that will only lay in her cage, so I have to make a lay spot in her cage for her.

In the case of a lay bin you can put the dragon in and if she starts digging leave her be until she finishes laying and buries the eggs. Don't remove the dragon until she is completely finished burying eggs. Doing so can make them think they still need to bury their eggs. They may take a break and rest mid process and the process could take a couple of hours. (Reptile lighting is not needed for this process)

Let her be!
If you put them in and they've been in for 15-30 minutes with no action or they've started to dig, but stopped and are trying to escape the bin go ahead and take them out.

Give her a 15-30 minute warm soak and try again later in the day or the following day repeating the same steps. After the eggs have been laid you will need to give your dragon a warm soak for about 15-30 minutes. The dragon should then have a ravenous appetite by the following day. Make sure to feed extra protein and calcium until she's back to proper weight and health.

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