BDO's My Dragon Won't Eat it's Greens!!!!
by Cameo Hall

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My Dragon won't eat it's greens!!!! (By, Cameo Hall)

Oh the struggles of getting your dragon to eat it's greens can be a daunting task. Especially if you have a stubborn/spoiled dragon which most of us do. Some dragons will eat any and everything you put in front of them. Gotta love those dragons no doubt, but some will not. For those that don't here are a few different methods/ideas you can try to get your dragon to eat it's greens. In this order....

1. Try adding the bugs into the same bowl as the greens. Did your dragon toss all the greens out the bowl and pick out the bugs? Try #2

2. Switch up your feeding schedule feeding greens in the morning and bugs in the evening and hand/tong feeding the greens.  Did your dragon toss the greens all over the cage and poop on them? Close their eyes and pretend you wasn't there? Try #3

3. Keep feeding the greens in the morning and bugs in the evening, but this time add some fun stuff to the greens like cilantro, red/green bell peppers, squash or shredded carrots. Did your dragon pick out all the red bell peppers and carrots etc? Or not touch anything at all? Try #4 or #5 if your dragon is a year or older and healthy.

4. If your dragon is under 12-18 months old this is their growing period and protein is the most important thing to them. They should be getting 20% greens and 80% protein, so if your dragon isn't eating it's greens in this age bracket it's not really a huge issue. What you can do is start (gut loading) feeding your bugs the greens. This will essentially do the same thing for them, so when they eat the bugs they will be eating greens too. This method works well for any age dragon.

5. "Tough love".... The tough love method is when you stop feeding bugs to your dragon until they eat their greens. This method is affective if you have a fat spoiled/stubborn/healthy dragon, but must be done carefully. When using this method you will want to stop feeding bugs for a week. If your dragon still hasn't ate it's greens after a week you will want weigh the dragon. If the dragon has lost more then 10% of its body weight you need to stop and feed bugs. (Try again next week) If the dragon hasn't lost 10% or more of its body weight then continue with the bug strike, but MAKE SURE YOU HYDRATE THE DRAGON. You can continue this for up to 3 weeks and if the dragon still hasn't ate it's greens then slowly introduce the bugs back into its diet for week 4. If the dragon isn't eating it's greens after all that then try #6

6. Syringe feed a slurry with greens you wish to feed in it.

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