Droopy eyes (Bloodhound eyes)
by Cameo Hall

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If your dragon has droopy eyes there are a few things that it could be.
Here is a check list to follow.....

1. Dehydration: Make sure you are giving your dragon 1-3 baths a week and misting greens. If your dragon isn't drinking in the bath or eating greens then I recommend syringe feeding water daily for a week.

2. Parasites: Parasites can cause your dragon to have droopy eyes as well. Get a fecal test done to make sure your dragon is clean.

3. Kidney issues: Take your dragon in for a vet check up to make sure there's nothing serious going on with the kidneys.

4. Genetic: Droopy eyes can also be a genetic trait that's been passed down from the parents. In this case there's nothing to worry about and nothing you can do to fix the issue, but I would recommend never breeding the animal so the trait isn't passed again.