BDO's Fight to Stop the Flood of the Bearded Dragon Market and Dragon Rescues
by Cameo Hall

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Join the fight to stop the flood of the bearded dragon market and Dragon rescues

By Cameo Hall on Sunday, November 30, 2014 at 3:11pm

Before you go and breed your pet or Cohab your male and female adults together REMEMBER THIS........A bearded dragon can lay on average 40-80 eggs in a 4 month span. Let's just say you get lucky and your dragon lays a bare minimum of 20 eggs that you think is gonna be cool to incubate. Here's what your gonna have to unexpectedly pay for and do......

1. incubator $150 (you may need two)

2. Vermiculite $10

3. Plastic cups with lids $8

4. Each baby will easily eat 500 plus crickets a week and you have 20 mouths to feed! Crickets are $20 for 1,000 and you need 20,000 crickets per week! That's $200 A WEEK in crickets if your buying in bulk and not at a pet store. $200 A WEEK! $800 PER MONTH! Still want to breed your normal dragon???

5. Greens and veggies/fruit $10 a week

6. Tanks to live in.... You can only house up to 5 of the babies together or you risk getting toe and tail nips. So you need 4 tanks! Let's say you put them in rubber tubs for $10 a tub that's $40 and now you need lights for each tub!

7. Uvb bulbs $25 each and you need 4.... $100 in uvb lights. Now for the heat lights $5 for halogen bulbs and you need 4! $20

8. Tank decor (bare minimum) $10 times 4= $40

9. TIME!!!! They need to be fed 3 times a day and bathed once a day. This takes a lot of time to do! If you work a full time job... Good luck!

10. Vet bills minimum $60 per visit

11. You need to find them all good homes!

12. Vitamin and calcium supplements $10

So total to raise your baby dragons properly is going to cost you $1,148 PER MONTH! That's a nice mortgage payment! Still wanna breed your normal dragons? If your planning on making a quick buck your not going to make money! Especially with a normal dragon. The market is too flooded! You won't be able to sell your dragons and your going to be stuck paying for them to live and you won't be able to take care of them properly and they will die. You will be lucky to break even with your money. If money's not a matter to you and your rolling in the dough ok go for it but I hope you have the time and patience to devote to all those dragons cause taking care of them all will turn into your life. If you want to breed for the experience then my advice would be to just incubate a couple of the eggs that look the best.

It's sad when I'm seeing Dunner dragons being sold for dirt cheap and even being rescued already. Help save dragons from ending up homeless and the dragon market from the flood by being responsible pet owners and breeders.