BDO's Guide To Appetite Loss
by Cameo Hall

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Has your dragon's appetite decreased or become nonexistent?

Maybe this can help you figure out why.

1. Have you recently changed your dragon's cage around or moved it into a new cage?  Did you just get the dragon?

(If no then see #2) Yes? Give your dragon a week or two to adjust to the changes.

2. Has your dragon started shedding or in shed?

(If no then see #3) Yes? Give your dragon 15 minute baths once a day until the shed is gone.

3. Is your dragon in a cage with another dragon? Is the other dragon larger?

(If no then see #4) Yes? Separate your dragons so that the smaller one can thrive better or feed the dragon separately.

4. Are your cage temps correct? 75-85 cool side and 95-105 basking spot? Is your dragon basking?

(If yes then see #5) No? Adjust your cage temps accordingly

5. Has your UVB bulb been changed in the last 12 months? (If yes then see #6)

No? Buy a new UVB... Reptisun 10.0 tube bulbs are great

6. Has your dragon pooped in the last 3 days? (If yes then see #7) No? Give the dragon a bath in 100 F (38 C) degree water. Once the dragon poops try feeding again. (If your dragon didn't poop or still won't eat then see #7)

7. If your dragon is male? (See #8) If your dragon is female?

Could she be gravid? Is she over a year old and digging around her cage a lot not wanting to be held? (No? see #8) Yes? Build her a lay box.

8. Is the dragon over a year old and sleeping on the cool end all the time or in its hide? (If no then see #9) Yes? Your dragon may be in brumation which is like a hibernation period for bearded dragons. (See #9)

9. Are your bearded dragon's eyes bright and alert? Is it losing weight? (See #10)

10. If you've made it this far and still don't know the reason why I would recommend getting a fecal test done to check for parasites or schedule a vet visit for a checkup. Not all dragons are going to eat a bunch every day. If your dragon ate a ton the day before it might not be hungry the next day. Don't freak out unless your dragon hasn't ate anything at all for 3 days. If they don't eat anything for 3 days then use this chart.

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