BDO's Guide for New Keepers
By Justin Huynh

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Here is a list of EVERYTHING you need for your bearded dragon. Prices are estimated based on online prices, not store prices. Amazon has most of these.

1) A tank. Free - $500

-This could be glass, PVC, wood, or other solid walled boxes. The minimum size is 36x18x18 inches (90x45x45 centimeters) for a single adult.

2) Ultraviolet B bulb (UVB). $20-25

-The only two brands I would ever recommend are the ReptiSUN 10.0 (ZooMed) or the Arcadia 12%. I recommend to purchase the TUBE version of these. T8 versions must be mounted inside for best exposure, while T5 versions may be mounted outside above the mesh screen. General recommended length 2/3 of your enclosure.

3) Basking/ Heating bulb. $1-10

-This can be actually any old household bulb really. Flood lights made by incandescent or halogen technology from your local hardware store is perfectly fine to use, and are usually of better quality than most reptile based manufactured basking bulbs. Wattage will vary depending on your own setup, so monitor temperatures.

4) Thermometers and Hygrometers. $20-40

-Purchase a DIGITAL thermometer/hygrometer combo from your local home improvement store(I prefer the Acurite brand for those in the US). Having a probe on it is very nice as well. On top of this, you will want a infrared temperature gun (which can also be found at the same store usually). This will measure surface temperatures rather than ambient temperature like the digital thermometer.

5) Subtrate. $10-20

-If you are a new owner, I will highly recommend tiles. Specifically slate tiles because these will file down nails as well as hold heat well. Ceramic can also be used, but make sure it's textured and not glossy. Play sand can be used for adults, however use at your own risk. Please do not use any pet store calci sands, vita sands, or ground walnuts as a substrate as these are dangerous to our beloved reptiles.

6) Supplements. $10-25 (both)

-You need both a calcium with D3 and a multivitamin. I personally recommend the ZooMed Calcium with D3 and Rep Cal's Herptivite products. However, if you would like to purchase different brands, make sure the calcium has around 20k IU/lb of d3. And the multivitamin containing a natural form of Vitamin A (beta carotene).

7) Cleaners. $1(ammonia) $30-60(steam)

-For day to day cleaning, vinegar is completely fine. However, for sterilization, once a week, you will want ammonia diluted to 1:10 with water OR a high quality steam cleaner that gets above 165*. Bleach does not kill everything. Also, make sure that all smell is completely gone before the dragon is returned to the enclosure.

8) Vegetables and Food Items.

-BDO has a Nutrition page that can be used to see what vegetables and insects your dragon can eat and what is and is NOT safe.

Access the Nutrition pages from the Main Menu of this site.

9) Decor and hides. $0-infinity

-I recommend a few branchy decor items which can be utilized for exercise for the dragon and can provide an enriching environment. I also grab a hiding place (preferable two) for the cool side (and possibly hot side) to allow the dragon to destress from the handling and movement outside of the enclosure.

Prices listed are in USA dollars

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