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If you have ever heard the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" it would definitely help here.
Anyone new to bearded dragons has a difficult time getting their head around the different "morphs".
Many confuse morph and color, they are two very different things.

Below is Merriam-Webster dictionary's definition of morph:

A local population of a species that consists of interbreeding organisms and is distinguishable
from other populations by morphology or behavior though capable of interbreeding with them. Or a phenotypic variant of a species.

Essentially you can have any morph with various colors.

Below are several pictures with brief descriptions of the morphs.

Hypo dragons will have less dark pigment and will appear lighter in color. You can tell if your dragon is a hypo by looking at its nails. If the dragon has all 20 clear nails then it is a hypo.

Translucent dragons similar to the hypo also lack white pigment in their scales giving them a translucent look. Some of the higher quality trans will have what is called a “gummy belly” appearing to be kind of blue and see through. Another way to know if you have a trans dragon is by its eyes. A translucent dragon will have all black eyes.

A Normal Scale dragon is the original and natural form of the bearded dragon. This dragon will have a full body of rough scales and even carry more spikes.

The Leatherback gene will make the dragon have smoother scales. Softer/smoother in appearance and sometimes it reduces the scales. There are 3 types of leatherbacks. Italian, American, and Recessive. While the Italian and American are pretty much the same thing the recessive leatherback gene is totally different besides the look. It is a recessive trait that can be produced from pairing het X het.

The Silkback dragon is a dragon that has none to very little scales. These are created by breeding a leatherback X leatherback.

The Dunner is a co dominant gene which affects the scales and pattern of the dragon making them go in different directions. Normal dragon scales all run in one direction. You can tell if you have a Dunner dragon by looking at its scale directions,rubbing it's beard with your finger, looking at its pattern, or checking out the circular stress marks on the belly. Normal dragons carry a oval stress mark on the stomach.

The Witblit bearded dragon is a patternless morph. Unlike the others it is patternless and will have a muted color making them appear almost completely white/grey/silver.

Being that it is a newer morph color is currently being incorporated into the witblit genetics. Stay tuned for the amazing possibilities that will arise.

A genetic anomaly that happens when breeding trans, hypo, and silverback morphs. The exact recipe to create this amazing animal is unknown.

The product of a Zero X Witblit paring is a Wero. One of the newest morphs created.

Zero... Patternless and colorless morph.

This page is a work in progress
As we get more pictures of new Morphs, they will be posted here.

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