How To Handle Your Dragon
By Rochelle Keatinge

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I see a lot of posts about owners not quite knowing where to start when it comes to handling their dragons, especially for first time owners.

There are a few things you need to remember when getting your first dragon, especially if its a baby. Your hand is ginormous compared to your little dragon, so its only natural that they are skittish and run away, the thing to remember is to not chase your dragon. Let them run and settle down and try again later.

The best way to pick up your dragon is to go in from the front, slide your hand under the beard/chest area and then support the rest of their body. Make sure to avoid coming in from the sides/behind/above as this will make them feel like a predator is approaching.

If your dragon is incredibly skittish, start with baby steps by just leaving your hand in the enclosure for 10 minutes a day or so palm up. This way your dragon can get used to your presence without feeling threatened. When you feel your dragon is beginning to feel comfortable with your presence, try moving a little closer, once comfortable move on to beard pats. I personally recommend to avoid patting the head as they have a sensor scale (also known as 3rd eye) which senses light and this can make them feel uncomfortable. Once your dragon is okay with beard pats, move on to try picking them up inside the enclosure, letting them sit on your hand and after a while you will be able to take them out and spend time with them away from the enclosure.

This can take quite some time and require a lot of patience, but also remember the bigger your dragon grows, the calmer it will become.

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