What do I do about bath time
by Siobhan O'Farrell

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I've notice a couple of extra "What do I do about bath time" posts. Personally I know until I realised what to do properly and had the confidence in baths Iroh hated them, now he loves his bath, especially in summer time.

My dragon hates baths!


We've all been there, we all have had a dragon that just say "nope" and will claw you up during bath time, and these are some things I've learnt to try out on my own dragon to make bath time less stressful for the both of us.

* First off ensure the temperature is correct: 100F

Check using your wrist or elbow, it should be body temp no hotter, no colder.

* Depth of the bath, start off with having it just covering up to your dragons sides, so 1/3 of the dragon.

* Sinks are good but I've found they're too small, a big tub or a bath works better more area for the dragon to run around in.

* Have stuff in the bath for your dragon to rest upon, use a rock or a flannel folded over so it's above the water.

* A 100F spray bottle of water, my dragon loves the "shower" effect over him while he bathes.

* I also sometimes use my hand and place that in the tub for my dragon to sit upon because he trusts me, and that's how I got him to enjoy his baths more.

Once you and your dragon are confident in the bath you can up the water, personally I know my dragon likes his baths deeper so I have multiple big rocks in the tub so I can go deeper, he will swim around and then rest half on the Rock and half in the water.

Or if we are using the sink I have it filled up half way on him and then slightly unplugged so water can escape while having the tap running slowly (warm temp) so Iroh can splash under it as he wishes.

If your dragon is big enough and you feel safe with doing so, outside baths are great my dragon has his in a huge 90L tub (even sandpit turtles you buy your kids work well) and he loves his summer swims.

*heres an example of Iroh being in the sink with it slowly draining water but the taps going. I am always right above Iroh when he has his deeper baths & he is never left alone.