Aggressive Dragon
by Cameo Hall

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Aggressive Dragon? by Cameo Hall

Naturally bearded dragons are very relaxed and peaceful reptiles, but sometimes they can be a little moody/aggressive. Here's a guide to help some of you out with your aggressive dragon.

First off you need to figure out why your dragon is being aggressive. Here's a few reasons why it may be aggressive.

1. Most big chain stores and large breeders don't have time to tame down their baby dragons. They have way too many animals to take the time to handle all of their baby dragons, so when the dragon goes to the customer it isn't used to being handled. Now not only is the dragon in a totally new environment, but it's probably scared as well. I would recommend buying from a smaller trusted breeder to avoid this or else you have to tame the dragon down yourself which can be done by handling and giving the dragon time to get used to you. They will naturally tame down with age. Usually by 6 months old they're good, but not always.

2. Your dragon could be gravid if over a year old and female. They don't like to be held or bothered when they are gravid. If this is the case you should be preparing to get your dragon to lay eggs.

3. You've taken the dragon outside. A lot of dragons aren't used to being outside so it can be kind of a shock for them when they go out and will take some getting used to. Until they're used to it you can have a very aggressive dragon on your hands. Some that are used to it still are aggressive outdoors due to fear of predators. This may never change for some dragons. I recommend wearing gardening gloves if you have an aggressive dragon outside.

Handling your dragon daily and baths 1-3 times a week will help them get used to you. Putting a shirt of yours in the tank will help them get used to your scent as well. Making sure all sides of the tank our covered making them feel more secure will help as well. The main thing that you will need is time and patience. 95% of dragons are going to tame down as they get older, so just be patient with them and keep working with them.