3 Common Over Worries
by Cameo Hall

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Here's a few helpful tips to ease those overly worried dragon owners.......

1. Humidity: ideal humidity is between 20-60%. If your humidity goes below 20% add a water bowl to your cage. If it goes above 60% don't worry about it. If you're worried to the point you can't sleep at night add a sock of rice into the cage to help and take out your water bowl if you use one. Either way humidity isn't something you need to worry about unless it's over 60% 24 hours a day.

2. Shedding: A healthy dragon will shed when it's supposed to. Don't pick and pull at your dragons shed. You don't need to use any aloe, oils, or any other products to help the dragon shed. Many of those products (oils) will actually do more harm than good. The dragon will shed when it's supposed to! If you're not sleeping at night because of the dragons shed then give the dragon a bath in plain water every day until the shed comes off.

3. Dragon hasn't ate in 24 hours: not every dragon is going to eat every day. If you feed your dragon 50 super worms/dubia the day before he might not be hungry the following day. Adult dragons only need 50 bugs on average a week with fresh greens daily. Don't freak out if your dragons appetite has slowed or stopped for a day or two. Monitor your dragon's weight if you aren't sleeping at night because of it to make sure he's gaining weight. Check your cage temps and UVB lighting make sure it's proper/correct. Get a fecal test done.

The same as eating, your dragon may not poop every day either. This tends to vary between dragons as well. A warm bath can normally get them to poop. Sometimes all it takes is a little patience. Try and ease your minds and be patient.